Kent Kallberg’s 30-plus year career as a professional photographer has gone in, well, a flash. His passion for the work is if anything, burnished even higher over the years, and it is crucial to the results he gets, each and every time, whether working with people, places, or things. In fact, Kent’s crowning achievement is not the photographs themselves, but the detailed, painstaking, and instinctual methodology. In short, his craft, his art.

Kent has a way with a camera, it is true, but he has a keen eye, and a personable, usually humour-laden way of bringing the best out in his subjects. That might be taking corporate portraits of over 200 employees over a two-day marathon, or using his car headlights to create a fantastical lighting arrangement for a newly renovated hotel resort. There is pretty much literally nothing Kent cannot photograph, to great results….Read More


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