Portrait photography

Some clients want to convey a relaxed, laid-back image while others will want a professional, authoritative look. Kent is able to use lighting, background and different techniques to meet the demands of all kinds of corporate clients. Whether they are looking for indoors portrait photography, an outdoor setting or group shots, he can make the necessary adjustments for exceptional results.

Kent brings the studio to the firm with portable equipment and an ability to schedule appointments on-site. Not only does this provide convenience to a busy client, but it allows him to capture people in their natural environment, which makes the results more realistic. Kent works with each client to determine their goals. He creates images that capture the company’s branding and ensures the results are unique to the business and not like the competition.

Not everyone likes to have their picture taken, especially in the middle of a busy workday. Kent understands that people have limited time for these photo shoots, which is why he uses his skills to make the job quick and painless. His relaxed demeanor and professional attitude helps people feel more comfortable in front of the camera, so they can get the best photo the first time. Give Kent a call today at (604) 230-5777 if you need a commercial photographer to capture photos of your staff.


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