Kent Kallberg is a premiere music photographer. He can capture those important moments in a concert as well as create unforgettable portraits of artists. Clients use his images for advertising and promo photos for the artist as well as to market the venue.

Kent understands that being a music photographer is a fun and complex challenge. Each musician is unique, and the photographer’s job is to present them in a flattering and distinct way which makes them stand out from their competition. Kent brings to life the personality of each artist in his photos whether they are outgoing, deep and mysterious, sensitive or flamboyant.

It’s important to understand the different lighting at concerts within the various venues. Some will be indoor concerts while others will be held outdoors during the day or at night. Each assignment presents unique tests and Kent is always prepared with his equipment and multiple decades of experience.

Musicians often get a bad rap for not wanting their picture taken. However, they are usually just busy and need to work with someone who can take their photos quickly and without a lot of fuss. Kent’s relaxed manner puts everyone at ease. He gets to know the artist so that he conveys their branding through the photos. His professional attitude and sense of fun make the photo shoot fun and stress-free. The result is a photo the artist, his manager and fans will love.


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