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Kent Kallberg is an industrial photographer who has captured images for clients in all kinds of industries. He creates photos of workers for advertising purposes, a company directory or to provide visual documentation of a process. He has worked with clients in factories, power plants and many other industrial locations. Kent can also use his skills to document major construction projects.

Working in an industrial environment such as a manufacturing plant requires the photographer to account for various lighting situations. In some cases, the photos may even be taken below ground or high up in the air. In each instance, Kent adjusts his equipment to capture a clear image for the desired result. Kent works with factories, assembly lines, welders, robotics and many other subjects in the industrial environment. He will not only take photos of people but of equipment and locations as well. He can produce high-quality still photography as well as videography for his clients. Clients may request his services for annual reports, websites, trade shows and other uses that require professional photographs of the industry.

Perhaps one of the most important skills Kent has is his ability to get the job done fast. In an industrial facility, you don’t want to waste time and delay production. Because of his many decades of experience, Kent has a natural talent for knowing how to capture the best images the first time around. Of course, he won’t quit until the client is satisfied, but it often takes only a few shots to get the desired result. Kent also makes it fun, which is especially important for people who aren’t used to having their pictures taken every day or doing their job in front of a photographer. He can put workers at ease with his easy, laid-back attitude and sense of humor. If you need an industrial photographer who can make the task painless and the results impressive, contact Kent Kallberg today!

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