As a renown hospitality photographer, Kent understands that it’s more important to show than tell for resorts, hotels and other hospitality clients. His ability to capture amazing architectures in luxurious resorts and historic hotels has branded him a first-class architectural photographer.

Clients hire Kent because he can get their brand across to customers through photos. Whether they are known for their premium luxuries, breathtaking views, or amazing food, Kent can build a story to show customers the true value of what they are purchasing. Within the hospitality industry, Kent photographs accommodations like five-star hotels, bed and breakfasts, luxury resorts and quaint little inns. He also captures first-class images for restaurants, showcasing their delicious food and the atmosphere. He takes photos of destinations and venues that let the customer know what it feels like to be there in person.

An image is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true in the hospitality business where clients are attempting to convince people to visit their location for the first time. With over three decades of experience, Kent’s able to convey the message of these companies to their audience. He provides exceptional images on budget and in a short timeframe to ensure satisfied clients.


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